VIP & Personal Security Limousines

From VIP transport to personal security, Brunel Worldwide Chauffeur Drive offers first-class chauffeured car services ideal for celebrities and professionals in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and more. Safe and secure transportation is the key to any successful event. Incidences can occur in and around the transportation process, and it is during travel when we often feel one is at the highest risk of being confronted by safety threats. However, services like Brunel Worldwide Chauffeur Drive give you peace of mind with safe and convenient luxury limousine services.

This is why Brunel Worldwide Chauffeur Drive puts your safety first. Your security is always our primary concern, and our fully customizable and scalable protection services allow us to meet all of your transportation needs. From incidents involving papparazzi to personal security for events, our professional security services are the perfect way for celebrities, businesses, and anyone looking for extra protection to travel in Australia. Our trained security professionals will drive you, while enhancing your security during and to your destination.

Brunel is committed to delivering the best, first-class executive chauffeured car services and personal security to all of our clients in Australia, no matter how big or small… everyone is a VIP. Take control of your exposure with a secure limousine service in Sydney. We offer secured limousines and VIP car service throughout Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and more.

With one of our professional drivers and security services in Sydney, you will enjoy total security, privacy, close personal protection, and confidentiality.

Security services can be tailored to include:

Whether you're looking for security, comfort, celebrity VIP treatment, or convenience, a Brunel limo hire is ready to serve.